Community Outcomes

Your project MUST be delivering one of these outcomes to the community (based on the Community Priority selected)

Community & Economic Development

Increase Number of Businesses Developed, Attracted and/or Retained

Increase Number of Job Opportunities

Increase Accessible Housing

Increase Public Transportation (either new development or expansion of current options)

Increase Revenue Growth through Tourism

Increase Number of People Generating a Sustainable Income

Improvements in Community Infrastructure

New Capital Invested in the Community


Education and Training

Increased School Readiness/Matriculation/Graduation Rates

Increased Placement in Local Skilled Jobs

Higher Teacher Retention Rate

Increased Placement of Students in Post-Secondary Education Opportunities

Increased Number of Students with Access to Quality STEM Education.

Increased Graduation Rates from Post-Secondary Institutions



Reduction of Blight

Increased Availability and Usability of Public Lands

Increased Public Awareness of Natural Resource Conservation and Stewardship

Improvement in Watershed Health and Stewardship

New Capital Invested in Renewable Energy or Other Environmental Sustainability Efforts


Health and Wellness

Additional Access to Healthcare Specialists

Additional Access to Healthcare Facilities

Increased Coordination of Healthcare Services

Increased Access to Mental Health Services

Decrease in Substance Abuse

Decrease in Domestic Violence Incidents

Decrease in Unhealthy Behaviors that Cause Chronic, Preventable Health Problems