PTFI Volunteers Help Clean Rivers Near Planned Smelter

April 30, 2024

PT Freeport Indonesia volunteers recently partnered with local community members for a day of river cleanup in the village of Banguwangi near the company’s planned smelter operation. The work was part of National Waste Awareness Day.

PTFI partnered with Wehasta, an international nongovernmental organization that focuses on supporting villages in their waste management practices. Wehasta is working with Banguwangi and all nine villages near the smelter project to develop waste management plans.

The cleanup of the Kalimireng tributary tied to the Bengawan Solo River is an extension of the work being done by the community and local government to support managing waste and improve the quality of the local river. As part of its stakeholder engagement, PTFI has developed a list of priorities that includes protecting the health of rivers, oceans and coastal areas.

Among the 300 volunteers were employees from PTFI operations, company contractors and members of the communities.

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