Communties as Partners

In every community where we operate, from Safford, AZ to Silver City, NM to Arequipa, Peru, we aim to work in partnership to help communities build their own sustainable futures.

We operate around the globe, but each of our operations is rooted in local communities where the people we employ, suppliers we choose, and organizations with which we partner are all integral to the success and development of the area.  We recognize that listening to our community stakeholders, working collaboratively and building local ownership of development plans is critical to make decisions that have positive, lasting impacts.

We share a responsibility with our communities to engage in ongoing dialogue, to make informed social investments and to encourage employees and local citizens to give back through volunteerism.

Freeport-McMoRan Community Information and Grievance Line
To share a grievance, ask a question or request information, please call 877-629-2609, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.  Grievances will be routed to the appropriate department for handling within 24 hours of receipt, and resolution to the best of our ability in the shortest time possible.  Questions or requests for information will be routed to the appropriate department for handling within 24 hours of receipt and provided with a response within 72 hours of receipt.  Please note, to receive a response by phone, email or mail, appropriate contact information must be provided.  We encourage all stakeholders to share any complaints or grievances so that we may address them to the best of our ability and we are always open to answer questions or provide requested information.

Community Partnership Panels
One of the primary ways we engage with local communities is through a model we call “Community Partnership Panels” (CPPs) which are comprised of local leaders and citizens representing a broad range of stakeholder groups across all sectors of the community who meet on regular basis.

CPP meetings are designed to:
-  Share information about the company’s operational activities and facilitate a dialogue and collaboration to mitigate any negative impacts and maximize positive impacts
-  Encourage the community to share questions or concerns so that we may respond
-  Identify, define and prioritize each community’s social issues and related needs
-  Develop strategies, actions and potential projects to address the needs
-  Create overall collaboration that leads to success

Community Partnership Panel locations:

To learn more about Community Partnership Panels, send an email here with your question or comment.

Leadership for Sustainable Communities Initiative
The goal of this Initiative is to support leadership development and collective action around a measurable outcome in areas near Freeport operations as a strategy to build capacity that allows communities to lead their own development and sustainability.

Leadership for Sustainable Communities Initiative Program Overview

Stakeholder Groups
We welcome the opportunity to meet with stakeholder groups who are interested in learning more about our business, or various aspects of how we manage our impacts and help create opportunities to contribute to communities and society.

If you represent a stakeholder group and would like to inquire about a speaker or presentation from Freeport-McMoRan, please click here