Women's Development Initiatives

We are committed to investing in efforts that increase education and economic opportunities for citizens in our operating communities. In particular, we want to ensure that women have suitable, relevant, functional opportunities to be full participants in economic development and attain greater levels of prosperity.  When women gain skills, they gain confidence, increase their productivity, mentor others, raise their income levels and reinvest in their children’s education, their family’s health, and economic activities at the community level.  
Women’s Development Fund 
The Freeport-McMoRan Women’s Development Fund supports organizations providing women and girls with opportunities to:
(+) Advance attainment, matriculation or graduation via college/career readiness and/or leadership/character development
(+) Create or expand businesses via small business development training and access to capital programs
(+) Increase financial capability and employment via education or workforce skills training

To be eligible to submit an application to the Women’s Development Fund, your program MUST
- Benefit women and girls in a Freeport-McMoRan operating community
- Deliver on one of our Priority Social Impacts below:

Progress to the next grade on time: Number of children promoted to next grade or without summer learning loss
Access post-secondary education: Number of students that matriculate in two- or four-year colleges or professional credentialing programs
Earn a post-secondary degree or credential: Number of students that earn a degree, certification or credential from a two- or four-year colleges or professional credentialing program
Improve income: Number of beneficiaries that substantially improve their income
Attained, retained or improved employment: The number of beneficiaries that gain or sustain a job with a defined threshold for salary, retention, upward mobility, and/or other traits
Jobs created or saved: Number of jobs created, or protected against disappearing
Dollars generated, saved: Additional revenues generated or cost savings achieved
Businesses created, saved or strengthened: Number of businesses created, saved or materially strengthened (eg, through expansion or increased revenues)

Preference is given to these programs:
- Serve our rural operating communities (vs. urban)
- Use Freeport-McMoRan’s DreamBuilder courses in program implementation
- Provide measurable results of program impact
- Demonstrate collaborations or partnerships that establish increased opportunities for women
- Are sustainable beyond the life of this funding

To learn more about whether your program aligns with our funding interests connect with us at foundation@fmi.com with any questions. In your email, be sure to provide a brief description of the program, priority social impact selection, city, county and state it benefits.

Application Cycle: September 1
Application Closes: October 15 
Awards Announced:
December 1 

Click here for a Word version of our Women's Development Fund application which can be used for reference when completing our online application. 


Domestic Violence Safety and Shelter Initiative Grants 
For more than 17 years, Freeport-McMoRan has provided ongoing operating support for shelters and service providers/NGOs to provide victims of domestic/gender-based violence with opportunities to live free of violence, rebuild their lives and achieve independence.  Our support for this initiative totals nearly $3.7 million, working with 20 shelters and service providers in 18communities in or near where we operate.  Through this long-standing effort, we hope to continue to increase the capacity of shelters to serve more women and support their efforts to “de-stigmatize” and raise awareness that eliminates cultural acceptance of violence against women. 

The Foundation has existing partnerships with shelters and service providers in our operating communities and is not accepting new applicants at this time.

DreamBuilder: The Women’s Business Creator

DreamBuilder is an online business training program helping women build their dream of starting or growing their own business. Practical, convenient and fun, DreamBuilder leads women step-by-step through the basics of business. In addition to  interactive courses, students are given access to helpful tools and templates they can use in their own ventures. An innovative Business Plan Generator guides the learner in the creation of a business plan throughout the program.

Project DreamCatcher


Project DreamCatcher is a business training program fully-funded by the Freeport-McMoRan Foundation and implemented by Thunderbird for Good. Based on Thunderbird's proven training programs for business women, DreamCatcher brings cohorts of Native American business women to downtown Phoenix for an intensive week of training.

- Business classes taught by top Thunderbird faculty

- Interactive site visits to a variety of local businesses
- Integrated coaching by successful entrepreneurs
- Networking opportunities with Arizona business leaders and the Thunderbird community
- Post-program follow-up and support

DreamCatcher Program Highlights