Rock Samples Help Oklahoma Students Learn Geology

March 24, 2023

A sixth-grade class in Oklahoma learning about geology received support from an unlikely place. 

Lisa Sikes, who teaches at West Intermediate Elementary School in Jenks, Oklahoma, recently reached out to a Freeport email address to inquire about the possibility of getting a few rock samples that could help her students better understand the content they were learning. 

In short order, Sikes received a large box from the company’s Exploration Geology team in Tucson. It contained various rock samples accompanied by descriptions she could incorporate into her lesson planning. The collection wasn’t just timely; it went over and above what was requested.  

“The samples are amazing!” Sikes wrote in her thank you letter. “And tell whoever made the template that explains all of the information on the samples that I am blown away. How nice!” 

According to Jessica Merino, Exploration Project Administrator, going over and above is common among the group led by Mac Canby, Senior Vice President-Exploration.  

“The request came to Mac on January 30, and they had sent off the package by the following week,” said Merino, who communicated with Sikes and helped coordinate the gift. “Exploration Geology is an awesome group of people to work with, and the way they responded to this teacher and her students is a perfect example of that.”

Alejandro Hernandez, Supervisor, Geological Field Operations-Tucson, and his team selected and packed the samples, while Adam Leu, Senior Geologist, Exploration Geology-Tucson, added the information. 

“The teacher was just asking for a couple of real samples to go with the earth science module she was teaching,” Merino said.   “Alejandro and his team put together a collection of more than a dozen samples, and then Adam created a detailed worksheet of each sample and put it in the box. The teacher really appreciated it, and I think the kids did, too.”

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