About the Site
Atlantic Copper, a Freeport-McMoRan subsidiary, has its Metallurgical Complex in Huelva, in the southwest of Spain.  The capacity of the plant is approximately 330,000 metric tons of copper anodes and 285,000 metric tons of refined copper cathodes with a copper content of more than 99.99%.

Eligible Communities
Huelva, Spain

Focus Areas for Program Support
Community Basic Needs

  • Education & Training
  • Safety, Health & Wellness (such as medical care, clean water, etc.)
  • Environment

Livelihoods & Infrastructure

  • Economic Development (such as small and micro-enterprise development, local sourcing, improvement of public water supplies, roads, facilities (schools, etc.), urban planning, etc.)
  • Cultural Preservation


  • Capacity building in local governments as well as informal community “governance” structures

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