Henderson Area Social Investment Request for Proposals

Through this Request for Proposals (RFP), the Freeport-McMoRan Foundation invites eligible organizations to apply for funding.

Applicants must be a federally recognized 501c3, unit of government or college/university providing direct service in Grand or Clear Creek Counties in Colorado.

You will find the full Henderson Area RFP here.

Phase I: Letter of Interest (LOI)
In the first phase of the process applicants will submit their LOI following the criteria below. Projects and programs must be aligned with one of the eligible areas below and deliver on one of these Community Outcomes to be considered.  The LOI should be submitted to Angie Harmon at aharmon@fmi.com by the date listed below.

Eligible Areas

  • Improvements to Community Infrastructure
  • Efforts to Diversify Employment and Economic Revenue Sources
  • Efforts to Address Housing Shortages

Key Criteria / Letter Components (no more than 3 pages in length):

  • Description of project
  • Description of need supported by data (preferably at County or local level)
  • Identification of specific community(ies) where the project will be implemented
  • Key project partners
  • Description of any type of needs or other assessment done prior to submitting this Letter of Interest to validate the potential impact or value of the proposed project (Not required, but if available please explain results of assessment). 
  • Estimated budget including expected sources of funds

PHASE II: Full Proposal
Invited applicants will be provided a link to the online application to submit a full proposal through the Foundation’s on-line grants management system. Information about what is required of a full application can be found at the Sample Application and Tips link here.

May 3, 2018: Request for Proposals Process Opens
August 10, 2018  Letter of Interest and Alignment Due to aharmon@fmi.com 
September 1, 2018: Notification of Application Invitation
September 30, 2018:  Application Due by midnight MST
November 1, 2018: Grant Recipients Notified / Announced
December 2019:  Impact Report Due