The company’s group-wide guiding philosophy for its Community Development activities is Transforming Tomorrow Together – a commitment to implementing a Social Impact Framework that includes priorities, strategies and goals that drive us to work collaboratively with communities to make transformative change that better enables them to increase overall individual and community opportunity, wellbeing, and capacity. 

We do this with the ultimate goal of helping to build long-term resiliency and the community’s ability to successfully navigate commodity market downturns, end of mine life, and other economic/social disruptors or shocks.  Our framework or approach for delivering on our guiding philosophy of Transforming Tomorrow Together is based on three main priority areas that we believe help deliver on our commitment:
- Education and Workforce Development
Economic Opportunity
- Resiliency, Capacity and Leadership

This philosophy includes securing and maintaining our social license to operate and delivering transformation through robust stakeholder engagement and consultation, social investment, and impact evaluation. 

Read more about our commitments in our guiding documents:
- Social Impact Framework
- Community Development Priorities and Goals
- Social Impact Evaluation Indicators