Collective Community Action

At a recent Community Partnership Panel meeting, Freeport-McMoRan was pleased to host  Subject Matter Experts to share “best practices” around  the measurable outcomes selected as part of the Leadership for Sustainable Communities Initiative. 



Expect More Arizona champions a world-class education – from the early years through career – for every child. Together with a growing network of partners and individuals across the state, we are working to build an education-first culture and create opportunities for you to support students and educators – in your home, your local community and statewide. 


The goal of Pathways to Prosperity is to ensure that many more young people complete high school and earn a postsecondary credential with labor market value in their community. Pathways to Prosperity programs offer a strong academic foundation and solid core of technical skills that yield technical degrees or industry-specific certificates and credentials in areas of high demand.



The Community Builders’ mission is to help people create successful, prosperous communities through training, information and assistance.

Gilbert, AZ takes a strategic approach in growing their community by offering a unified vision and wide range of support programs focused on growing and expanding businesses within their community. 

The Center for Rural Entrepreneurship’s mission is to help community leaders build a prosperous future by supporting and empowering business, social and civic entrepreneurs. With our roots and hearts in rural America, we help communities of all sizes and interests by bringing empowering research together with effective community engagement to advance community-driven strategies for prosperity. Our solutions empower community leaders to find their own answers to the economic development challenges and opportunities they face.

The mission of the Arizona Association for Economic Development (AAED) is “To serve as Arizona’s unified voice advocating for responsible economic development through an effective program of professional education, public policy, and collaboration”. Over the last several years, AAED has made great strides in support if it’s mission and pillars, including an organization wide rebranding and strategic plan development, advancement in our focus on advocacy by investing in a voice at the legislature, the coordination of professional training offerings in Arizona from IEDC, and the creation of a professional development program focused on AZ specific issues. AAED has also enhanced rural Arizona specific programming with the addition of two rural roundtables each year focused on discussing the topics that are most pressing for a specific region in Arizona.