Leadership for Sustainable Communities Initiative

In partnership with the Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation at ASU, Freeport launched the Leadership for Sustainable Communities Initiative in 2016. The goal is to support leadership development and collective action around a measurable outcome in areas near Freeport operations as a strategy to build capacity that allows communities to lead their own development and sustainability.

A cohort of area leaders, representing multiple perspectives and sectors, participate in a 12 month, web-based leadership development program aligned to support the design and implementation of positive community action around an identified Outcome (potentially leading to a collection of actions that support the achievement of the outcome for the benefit of the community as a whole). Participation in the leadership cohort is limited to individuals who have the time and potential to fully participate, represent a cross section of interests in the community and have knowledge or an interest in the Outcome selected. Participants meet regularly and participate in training on leadership and development issues delivered in person, via webinars or other mechanism over a 12-month period.

The Leadership for Sustainable Communities Initiative aims to serve two purposes:

1. To select an agreed upon MEASURABLE OUTCOME that the community works toward; something against which progress can measured and efforts can be evaluated.

  • The value in a specific, measurable outcome is that it sets a target – and what gets measured, gets done.
  • Selecting an outcome also presents the opportunity to look at how the existing and potential work of the community can be more than just a collection of projects done in silos, but rather efforts that work together to reach a positive results. 
Priority Area Measurable Outcome Community
Community and Economic Development Increase the Number of Business Developed, Attracted and/or Retained Ajo, AZ
Bisbee, AZ
Graham County, AZ
Green Valley/Sahuarita, AZ
Increased Accessible/Attainable Housing Climax Area, CO
Clear Creek County, CO
Grand County, CO
Infrastructure Development Greenlee County, AZ
Education Lifelong Education Bagdad, AZ
Increased Number of People Engaged to Promote Education Globe-Miami, AZ
Placement in Local Skilled Jobs Grant County, NM


Subject Matter Experts attended Community Partnership Panel meetings to share best practices around Community & Economic Development and Education. Click here to learn more about these SME's and resources that may be available for your organization. 

 2. To implement a MODEL FOR ACTION that can provide the structure needed for the community to effectively organize and make progress further and faster.

  • This model for action includes building the leadership cohort made up of a cross representation of community members – that will be provided with leadership and development training, tips, suggestions and more.
  • If the model is successful – it can be replicated to address additional outcomes and to train others in the skills needed to advance action.

Other Benefits:

  • In addition to the Leadership Cohort, there will also be free training conducted by ASU Lodestart on topics related to increasing everyone’s ability to lead change and make progress toward sustainability – outside of and in addition to the Cohort. Anyone can participate in these open, free training sessions.
  • Even if the issue or outcomes that CPP members may be most connected to on a day-to-day basis aren’t selected for THIS YEAR, it won’t prevent all CPP members or anyone from being involved in the work of the Cohort – as many issues and outcomes are interrelated.