Working Toward Sustainable Development Report

Engagement with stakeholders around key industry topics is an integral part of how we conduct our business. We believe that effective communication can help reduce sustainability-related risks and create opportunities for mutual benefit. We have been working with an external firm specializing in stakeholder engagement to strategically approach stakeholders around subjects such as revenue transparency, human rights, indigenous peoples, water resources and community development. This effort includes mapping stakeholders by subject area and geography at the international and local levels. This helps us identify the key foundations, NGOs, community leaders and other groups with whom we can interact and learn from with mutual interest. 

Sustainability reporting is a key component of our sustainable development programs and an important mechanism for ongoing dialogue with stakeholders. Click here to learn more about how we engage with stakeholders around the world and to read our annual Working Toward Sustainable Development (WTSD) Report and regional reports. If you have inquiries or suggestions about our reporting we encourage you to contact us at